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Enhance Your Interior With A-grade Velvet Curtains Dubai

Our premium crafted velvet curtains in Dubai serve as the most iconic window covering treatment for every interior. We are offering top-notch velvet fabric curtains for the citizens of the entire UAE. People who are in search of one of the most luxurious window treatment options for their windows should give a try to our high-quality velvet window curtains. These curtains are designed to elevate the look of your place in a true sense on an instant basis. The velvet curtains by our company have the capability to cohere with your existing decor statement. 

Besides, these curtains with high-quality fibers also make your interior look more formal yet appealing. No matter in which type of setting you want to get them installed, they are perfect at reflecting their glory. From commercial corporate settings to leisure residential themes, our velvet curtains in Dubai will perfectly boost the aesthetics of your place in just no time.  In addition, we understand the specific needs of our customers and are always ready to serve them according to their desired requirements.

Velvet Curtains Dubai

Let’s Have a Look On Our Luxury Velvet Curtains Designs

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velvet curtains in Dubai
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Discover Our Exquisite Range of Velvet Window Curtains in Dubai

Confused about choosing the right velvet window curtains in Dubai for your place? Do not get worried at all. We at our company are available to bring you out of this fuss-creating situation. Our curtain showroom has an extensive collection of velvet drapes from which you can choose one according to your specific requirements. From a wide variety of colors, and a diverse range of patterns, to never-ending types of styles, we have got you covered by all means. We provide every single velvet drapery needed under a single roof.

You can also get friendly suggestions about the right curtain choice for your windows. Tell our customer care staff about the details of your place. Provide them with information about your existing theme type, color scheme, and furniture color as well. After that, our experienced people will offer you the best Velvet and Eyelet Curtain options that can complement your place perfectly. We master in providing the clients with their preferred products. So give our physical showroom a visit and explore our entire collection of velvet curtains in Dubai to embellish your windows.

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velvet curtains in Dubai

We Guarantee Affordability and Quality with Our Velvet Curtains

When purchasing any interior decor item, especially curtains it is necessary to set a budget. In this modern world, the prices of such high-quality velvet curtains in Dubai are touching the sky. But at our company, we always prefer to give complete benefits to our customers. That is why we have kept the price tags of our velvet window curtains very low without ever compromising the quality. From the products to installation services, the price of everything is market competitive.

You can also request a complete budget forecast for the velvet curtains and their installation from our experts. We give away this quotation service free of cost. Tell us the size of your window and the type of velvet window curtain that you want, and our professionals will present you with an estimated cost of the whole project. Besides, you can also enjoy Window Blackout Curtains occasional and regular discount offers at our velvet curtain shop in Dubai.

What Makes Custom Velvet Curtains a Smart Choice for Your Place?

Still up with a pending decision on choosing the best velvet window coverings? Our well-trained and experienced curtain manufacturers are at your service to offer you the best solution. If you have got some ideas regarding curtains in your mind tell our staff. This idea can be individually yours or it can be an image from any magazine or interior design journal as well. No matter what type of design and style you want. Our experts are perfect in manufacturing top-quality customized velvet curtains in Dubai to exactly fit the requirements of your interiors.

Velvet Curtains Dubai

Most Practical Curtains

Pros Of Having Our Velvet Curtains

Be ready to enjoy a variety of advantages after the installation of our velvet curtains in Dubai. Following are a few benefits that will compel you to buy these curtains.

A Royal Look

Heavy velvet window curtains in dark colors offer a classic and timeless appeal. These curtains in a true sense reflect the royal feel of the palaces just like the feel in the traditional king’s palace. Velvet curtains by our company will bring sophistication to your place making your interior luxurious. They show the majestic and regal aesthetic of mid-century contemporary designs.

velvet curtains Dubai
Increased Privacy

The interwoven fibers of our velvet drapes have a higher density as compared to the other curtain types. Because of a high weave count and heavy velvet fabric, these curtains are perfect for blocking the prying eyes from outside the window. If you want to add an extra layer of privacy to your personal space. Then no curtains other than velvet window coverings should be the best option for you.

velvet curtains Dubai
Perfect Thermal Insulations

Keeping the room cool during summers has always been a challenging task for all of us. But with these outdoor curtains, you can get it done very easily. Thanks to the thermal insulation feature of velvet curtains in Dubai. They act as a perfect barrier and maintain the internal temperature of your place perfectly. Thus plays an important role in cutting the utility bills as well.

velvet curtains Dubai
velvet curtains Duabi

Why Choose Us For Velvet Curtain Fitting in Dubai?

There are a lot of reasons behind choosing us as your ultimate window-covering partner in Dubai. The major and foremost reason why the people of Dubai trust us is our dedication to the quality of our services. Our staff is very authentic and they are available 24/7 to serve you at your doorstep.

Our premium-quality velvet window coverings are offered in attractive designs and patterns to complement any room’s interior decor theme. We are the premier curtain dealer, offering the best velvet curtain installation in Dubai. So grab your cell phone now and order the best curtain for your place with low-cost fitting service by our professionals.

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What Our Clients Say!

From scheduling a free measurement to the final installation of velvet curtains in my living room went with great smoothness. Their coordination with the customer is something that attracted me a lot. These people are real gems in the field of window covering services in Dubai.

Jennifer Garner (Velvet Curtain) WBC
Jennifer Garner

Their curtains installation crew was very professional and they got the entire job done within an hour. I was stunned by their swift working skills and their great precision as well. Now my place is giving a really royal look. Happy with these people. I will consider them again for redoing my bedroom curtains.

Mahra Aamir (Velvet Curtain)
Mahra Aamir

The velvet curtains Dubai by this company not only brought elegance to my place but also increased the level of comfort and coziness in my entire space. The overall aesthetic appeal of these curtains literally attracted me a lot. I will highly recommend this company for any velvet curtain needs.

Usman Bin Hamdan (Velvet Curtain)
Usman Bin Hamdan