10 Best Blackout Curtain Colors for Cream Walls


Window treatments might be difficult to choose for a room with cream-colored walls. Your blackout curtains might match the cream or seem mismatched. Cream complements darker, richer blackout curtains.

You can also use lighter, neutral blackout curtain colors for cream walls. Finding the right color and design might be difficult with so many options.

1. Chocolate Brown

A rich chocolate brown is a great choice for the best blackout curtain colors for cream walls. The dark brown looks beautiful against the lighter cream, adding contrast and visual interest.

Chocolate brown has red undertones that pick up on the subtle warmth of cream walls. Blackout curtains and blinds in chocolate brown look particularly good in bedrooms with cream walls. They create a cozy, inviting look that is perfect for a good night’s sleep.

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2. Forest Green

Try forest green blackout curtains with cream walls for a distinctive look. This vibrant green balances the basic cream. It also matches the cream’s light yellow tones.

Forest green blackout curtains give a space a rustic vibe. Living rooms, bedrooms, and workplaces with cream walls look good with this color. Forest green drapes with natural wood furniture and decorations create a wonderful, organic vibe.

3. Navy Blue

Another great option for blackout curtains with cream walls is navy blue. This nautical shade looks clean and crisp against the cream. Navy also adds a touch of brightness that keeps the room from feeling too heavy or dark.

Use navy blue blackout curtains in a bedroom with cream walls for a relaxing retreat. They’ll remind you of gentle ocean waves. For a beachy accent, hang navy and cream-striped blackout curtains.

4. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal gray blackout curtains look great with pale walls. Dark and bright contrast helps both hues shine. A tinge of blue in charcoal gray complements the cream’s warm peach undertones.

Charcoal gray blackout curtains are ideal for TV and movie viewing in a cream-walled living room or media room. Pair charcoal curtains with a gray sofa or accent chair for a unified effect.

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5. Taupe

Taupe blackout curtains with cream walls are more subdued. This adaptable neutral complements cream without overwhelming. Taupe captures cream walls’ undertones with its gray and mild muddy brown.

Match white walls with taupe blackout curtains in an office or bedroom. The taupe will fit well with daytime curtains filtering light.

6. Cream

Don’t overlook matching cream with cream. Cream-colored blackout curtains on cream walls look great. Monochromatic is elegant and straightforward.

Cream-on cream suits minimalist bedrooms and Zen retreats. Light-filtering cream curtains keep the space bright and fresh during the day. Close the cream blackout curtains for a restful night.

7. Latte

Rich latte-colored blackout curtains on cream walls are an alternative to cream. The warm, milky color of the latte complements the cream. Latte curtains and cream walls look great in sunlight.

The nursery will be calm with latte blackout curtains. Make a romantic bedroom getaway with latte drapes, cream walls, and natural wood furniture.

8. Light Gold

Install light gold blackout curtains on cream walls for a luxurious look. The metallic gold balances the cream’s neutrality with a hint of brightness. Light gold highlights milky wall undertones.

Bright gold drapes for a living room or bedroom with cream walls and decor. Cream walls look elegant with gold curtain rods and other metallic accents.

9. Champagne

Champagne-gold blackout curtains look great with cream walls. Champagne, a warm metallic, highlights the cream’s peach. Colors make a room bright and inviting.

Champagne blackout curtains in cream-walled bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. Champagne drapes with a metallic sheen or embroidery add visual appeal. Match champagne and throw pillows on cream sofas and beds.

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10. Plum Purple

Plum-purple blackout curtains on cream walls appear remarkable. Creamy, neutral, and bright purple are appealing. Plum adds depth to peach-toned cream.

Plum curtains provide fun to kids’ and teens’ rooms. Stand out in a living room, media room, or bedroom. Keep other furniture simple and cream-colored to avoid plum overload.


Blackout curtains can transform cream walls. Chocolate brown and forest green are the best blackout curtain colors for cream walls. Taupe, cream, champagne, and pale gold complement the cream walls.

Choose blackout curtains for cream-colored walls based on mood and undertones. With so many options, you can get blackout curtains to enrich your surroundings. Design your dream space using these colors.


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